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    Hong Kong's first international school,
    Customer has some old stand-alone Wi-Fi access points in their campus and would like to expand and enhance their existing wireless network. Aruba system was deployed and incorporated with the school's backend authentication system to provide basic access security.
    In 2008 summer, the school decided to fully replace their legacy wireless network access points and also provide full coverage for all students with one-to-one user capacity. As a result, more Aruba APs were deployed.

    A renowned International School,
    established in 1983 as Hong Kong's first school teaching an international curriculum in English and Chinese (Mandarin). Customer's initial (Phase 1) objective was to set up Wi-Fi network in remote and some selected area of their campus, like the Admin block and library. Aruba wireless system was deployed during school summer holidays in 2008.
    With the excellent result achieved, soon the school decided to roll out full Wi-Fi coverage for their whole campus including all class-rooms (Phase 2) in 2009 summer. To provide enough bandwidth for all students, more Aruba APs as well as Controllers were deployed.

    A UGC-funded tertiary institute,
    largest locally in terms of number of students. The institute deployed Tornado IRMS search engine for their web portal and intranet content. A specific composer has been tailor-made for using of HTTPS to communicate with their Novell database. Different filename encoding also implemented to suit customer's different type of file servers.

    One of the top Universities in Hong Kong,
    we provided enhancement to the University's network infrastructure with pairs of F5 products which served the function of traffic load balancing and SSL acceleration for critical services like internet access and application servers for course enrollment etc. We also supplied NAS and SAN storage servers to the client.

    A wholly owned subsidiary of HK Government,
    being the largest one-stop professional educational portal in Hong Kong. We provided professional service in customer's data center migration project and infrastructure design, as well as assisted customer in successful application for AS number and IP address range of their own. F5 products were supplied to customer for load balancing of their internet traffic, and Tornado search engine deployed for their web site.