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    A Hong Kong based Video Streaming service provider,
    with customers located around the globe. F5 products were supplied to customer for firewall and load balancing in their local server farm.

    A Hong Kong based content provider for 2G/3G mobiles,
    looked for load balancing solution for their local server farms as well as global data centers. 2 GTM and 4 LTM of BIP-IP were used, with all the configurations done in Hong Kong before shipment to overseas sites.

    An international direct selling company,
    with headquarters in Hong Kong, aimed at replacing their old model F5 products. Latest version equipment was then supplied by us, which was used to distribute customer traffic among servers with ratio according to end destinations' geographical location.

    A local software house focused on arcade and console game development.,
    Due to their business nature, designs of computer graphics and program source codes are all important assets of the company, and they targeted to impose security measures against leakage of these confidential information. BlueCoat product was thus delivered to deploy policy control over internet traffic and communication over Web-mails and Instant Messaging.